22 December 2017

Check out The Missing Season‘s new single & video, ‘Les Voyous de St-Agrève’. This track is taken from their 6th album, which we’ll be releasing in April 2018 !

7 December 2017

Gloria are back with a new single and video, ‘The Rain Is Out’. This track is taken from an upcoming EP, ‘Oîdophon Echorama’, planned for March 2018 !

23 November 2017

Kaviar Special’s third album ‘Vortex’ will be released on January 26th ! Check out the single ‘Dead End’ and artwork by Valentin Pinel !

13 November 2017

We’ll release Th Da Freak‘s new EP ‘Infandous’ on December 1st ! Check out the video for the single !

7 November 2017

The Madcaps just released a new 7″ single on Bickerton Records. The two tracks, Bitter / The One Day, are also available digitally via Howlin’ Banana !

  We’ll be releasing a 7″ EP by Parisian punks Cheap Riot on November 17 ! Check out this video for the first single,  ‘Lights’, and stay tuned for more info !

13 October 2017

    Check out Indie Pop band The Soap Opera‘s new single and video ! Their debut LP well be out on November 10th on Howlin’ Banana Rds and Ample Play Rds !

Heavy Psych trio SLIFT will be touring France and Europe in the coming months to promote their debut EP released back in June, be sure not to miss them if they play in your town !  

24 July 2017

The new Howlin’ Banana Summer Sampler is out !  Free download, featuring 10 tracks, including singles, demos and previously unreleased tracks by TH da Freak, Brace Brace, Volage, ANNA, Dusty Mush, Bootchy Temple, Gloria, The Madcaps, Thee Grinch and Slift, with a beautiful artwork from Druggy Pizza !