1 February 2016

Volage is back with a new folk/acoustic EP to be released on March 11th. You can already stream fhe first, eponymous single “Coffee Dreamer” via the French website The Drone. Check out their facebook page for shows !

Combomatix‘ new album “Chinese Songs For Bad Boys” will be out next month on Howlin Banana & Retard Records. One of France’s finest garage-punk bands ! The first single “I’m On It” is already available via Noisey France, go check it out !

21 December 2015

Check out the new music video for The Madcaps‘ “Taco Truck” ! This new track will be featured on their new album “Hot Sauce”, which you can preorder here. Out January 15th !

1 December 2015

Check out Kaviar Special’s new video “Highway”, directed by The Attic Video. “Highway” will be featured on their upcoming second album, planned for early April 16 !

We’ll release The Madcaps’ second album “Hot Sauce” on January 15 ! Check out this teaser, filmed during the recording of the album this summer at Kerwax Studio. More info, videos and music soon !

25 September 2015

Anna will be back with a new album, “WAE” on Oct 23 ! 13 gems of home-made weird folky garage psych on limited-edition tapes. If you enjoyed his previous album, this one’s going to blow your mind ! Check out the first single “Dirt”:

22 July 2015

We’ve put a new Summer Sampler up on bandcamp to download for free ! Featuring a bunch of previously unreleased tracks, upcoming and past releases from Howlin Banana. 10 tracks to take with you on the beach or wherever you’re spending your summer !

We’ll release a new 7 tracks EP by Rennes-based garage pop band Baston on 10″ vinyl on September 15. The first single ‘Maybe I’m Dead’ is already available for streaming, check it out !

26 June 2015

Blondi’s Salvation‘s new album will be out in late September 2015 on Howlin Banana. Get a taste of what’s coming with this brand new video of the song “Human Hymn”, featured on the album !

We’ve released two new tapes recently, a mini album by the indie pop band The Soap Opera, and Wild Raccoon’s debut album, 10 tracks of fuzzed-up garage pop! Be sure to check those out on bandcamp !