11 janvier 2018

Bordeaux-based quintet Bootchy Temple have a new single & video out ! ‘Lady Sunshine’ is taken from their upcoming third album, scheduled for a 2018 release !

22 décembre 2017

Check out The Missing Season‘s new single & video, ‘Les Voyous de St-Agrève’. This track is taken from their 6th album, which we’ll be releasing in April 2018 !

7 décembre 2017
pochette rain is out digi

Gloria are back with a new single and video, ‘The Rain Is Out’. This track is taken from an upcoming EP, ‘Oîdophon Echorama’, planned for March 2018 !

23 novembre 2017

Kaviar Special’s third album ‘Vortex’ will be released on January 26th ! Check out the single ‘Dead End’ and artwork by Valentin Pinel !

13 novembre 2017

We’ll release Th Da Freak‘s new EP ‘Infandous’ on December 1st ! Check out the video for the single !

7 novembre 2017

The Madcaps just released a new 7″ single on Bickerton Records. The two tracks, Bitter / The One Day, are also available digitally via Howlin’ Banana !