19 avril 2013

Go Bananazz #2! Here comes another wild garage weekend at La Mécanique Ondulatoire, on May 3 & 4! The Dancers from Italy, Thee MVP’s from England, and Dusty Mush from Melun will share the stage on Friday. Saturday will be a « girls in the garage » night, with The Felines from Denmark and The Mentalettes from [...]

4 avril 2013

Another garage party not to miss! The Last Killers from Italy, The Cavemen Five from Lyon, and The Greyguts from Paris will play at Le Chinois on April 25. A good occasion to get your hands on The Last Killers’ latest LP, and The Cavemen Five’ new 7″ single, « Be My Cavegirl ». Plus it’s free, [...]


On April 16, Le Kid & Les Marinellis from Canada will play a show at La Mécanique Ondulatoire with Les Guillotines as opening band! A Francophone-only garage party that’ll prove (if needed) that garage sung in French can be way cool! Le Kid & Les Marinellis just released a great LP on P.Trash Records, check [...]


Hey folks, we’re hosting a very special party at La Mécanique Ondulatoire on April 24, dedicated to the city of Rennes! With two bands from there, Baston and Sapin, two very promissing garage bands, so if you wanna know what’s happenin, be there! More info

12 mars 2013

Black Manila, an ace garage band from London, will play a show at la Mécanique Ondulatoire in Paris on April 11! Their new single « Shake that thing » was relaesed recently on RIP Records, check out the official music video, it’s great! Travel Check, which just released a new EP on Howlin Banana Records will open [...]

5 mars 2013
Cover - Front

Hey folks, the new Howlin Banana release is out now! It’s a 3 tracks EP by Parisian garage-pop outfit Travel Check and it’s available in 7″ vinyl via our mailorder and a bunch of record stores in Paris! More selling points to come in the near future. It’s also available for download on bandcamp for free, if [...]