19 juin 2013

We’re hosting a very special power-pop night at le Gibus Club on October 11th, with the legendary Barracudas! Crusaders of Love from Lille and Fuzzy Vox from Paris will open for them, a great night guaranteed! Tickets are available here, more info on facebook.

31 mai 2013

The Phantom Keys will play a few shows in France in the end of June. If you enjoy their great 60′s R’n’B, don’t miss them, and if you still haven’t got their brillant debut LP « The Real Sounds Of », it’s still available on Screaming Apple records! Howlin Banana will promote the show in Paris, on [...]

23 avril 2013
poster wildmen

Wildmen are back in Paris! The Italian duo will play a show at La Mécanique Ondulatoire on May 14, sharing the stage with brand new 60′s garage Parisian outfit Os Noctambulos. If you missed them back in November, it’s your chance to see Widlmen on stage, don’t miss it!  More info

19 avril 2013

Go Bananazz #2! Here comes another wild garage weekend at La Mécanique Ondulatoire, on May 3 & 4! The Dancers from Italy, Thee MVP’s from England, and Dusty Mush from Melun will share the stage on Friday. Saturday will be a « girls in the garage » night, with The Felines from Denmark and The Mentalettes from [...]

4 avril 2013

Another garage party not to miss! The Last Killers from Italy, The Cavemen Five from Lyon, and The Greyguts from Paris will play at Le Chinois on April 25. A good occasion to get your hands on The Last Killers’ latest LP, and The Cavemen Five’ new 7″ single, « Be My Cavegirl ». Plus it’s free, [...]


On April 16, Le Kid & Les Marinellis from Canada will play a show at La Mécanique Ondulatoire with Les Guillotines as opening band! A Francophone-only garage party that’ll prove (if needed) that garage sung in French can be way cool! Le Kid & Les Marinellis just released a great LP on P.Trash Records, check [...]