22 juillet 2015
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We’ll release a new 7 tracks EP by Rennes-based garage pop band Baston on 10″ vinyl on September 15. The first single ‘Maybe I’m Dead’ is already available for streaming, check it out !

26 juin 2015

Blondi’s Salvation‘s new album will be out in late September 2015 on Howlin Banana. Get a taste of what’s coming with this brand new video of the song « Human Hymn », featured on the album !


We’ve released two new tapes recently, a mini album by the indie pop band The Soap Opera, and Wild Raccoon’s debut album, 10 tracks of fuzzed-up garage pop! Be sure to check those out on bandcamp !

9 mars 2015

We’re putting on new parties called « Banana Spit » with our friends from Yummy, a garage/psych Paris radio show. The 1st one will take place at La Mécanique Ondulatoire on March 20th, with Cockpit and Cheaap from Bordeaux, and Miaow Miaow The Tiger from Paris ! More info on facebook.

2 mars 2015

The Madcaps will be releasing their debut self-titled album on March 30th, on Howlin Banana and Beast Records! You can already listen to the first single taken from the album, « 8000 Miles from Home ». More songs, info and tour dates coming soon.

5 septembre 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve started working on this one! Volage‘s debut album « Heart Healing » is scheduled for release on October 13.  An 11 track album that we’re very proud of, and can’t wait to release. The band will tour France, Belgium and Germany for the occasion, stay tuned for more details on this!