22 juillet 2015

We’ve put a new Summer Sampler up on bandcamp to download for free ! Featuring a bunch of previously unreleased tracks, upcoming and past releases from Howlin Banana. 10 tracks to take with you on the beach or wherever you’re spending your summer !

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We’ll release a new 7 tracks EP by Rennes-based garage pop band Baston on 10″ vinyl on September 15. The first single ‘Maybe I’m Dead’ is already available for streaming, check it out !

26 juin 2015

Blondi’s Salvation‘s new album will be out in late September 2015 on Howlin Banana. Get a taste of what’s coming with this brand new video of the song « Human Hymn », featured on the album !


We’ve released two new tapes recently, a mini album by the indie pop band The Soap Opera, and Wild Raccoon’s debut album, 10 tracks of fuzzed-up garage pop! Be sure to check those out on bandcamp !

9 mars 2015

We’re putting on new parties called « Banana Spit » with our friends from Yummy, a garage/psych Paris radio show. The 1st one will take place at La Mécanique Ondulatoire on March 20th, with Cockpit and Cheaap from Bordeaux, and Miaow Miaow The Tiger from Paris ! More info on facebook.

2 mars 2015

The Madcaps will be releasing their debut self-titled album on March 30th, on Howlin Banana and Beast Records! You can already listen to the first single taken from the album, « 8000 Miles from Home ». More songs, info and tour dates coming soon.