« From a dusty attic creeps the haunting sound of Dusty Mush, unleashing a lo-fi garage rock onslaught that delves into the heart of obscure psych and surf from the 60s. Since their inception in 2011, it’s as if Dusty Mush hasn’t taken a break from experimenting with recording – releasing religiously. » (Heino Retief – The Future Primitives)

On March 1st,  Dusty Mush will release their debut Ep on Howlin Banana Records, a 12″ transparent vinyl record featuring originals and new recordings of songs previously released on tape. 9 acid, trashy, lo-fi garage-punk tracks recorded in their attic, about skateboarding, pizzas, and everything else a twenty-something living in the not-so-fun city of Melun can kill time with.  Everything here is 100% home-made, from the cover art  to the recording, mixing, and their wicked VHS music videos. Limited edition of 250 rad records.

OUT MARCH 1st 2014