LP/Digital Out october 26th 2018

Bootchy Temple was formed in Bordeaux, France, in 2012. The band recorded their first demos during trips to Les Landes, slowly crafting their music in the calm of the southwestern countryside. From these experimenting sessions came out Bootchy temple’s sound: touching, melancholic home made pop music, reminescent of 90’s indie music (Beat Happening, Yo La Tengo) and Sarah Records’ Twee Pop.
     Two albums and a few tours later, the gang is about to make its come back with its third album ‘Glimpses’. Quite like the sketches appearing on Emma Kadraoui’s artwork, this new album lets the auditor ‘glimpse’ at the recording process, as unfinished tracks, tape recording sounds or odd mixing ideas were left in the album for all to hear. And yet, ‘Glimpses’ turns out as the band’s strongest, most cohesive album, perfectly  encapsulating the band’s own personnal vision of pop music.